Archive: January, 2013

Examen stratégique et fonctionnel du DPB

Government departments have been asked to submit proposals to find budget reductions of 5% and 10%.  Parliamentary organizations have been asked to participate voluntarily.  The Library of Parliament has asked PBO for a proposal to reduce its budget by 5 and 10% and to assess the impact of each of these proposals.

PBO has adopted the government’s strategic review assessment model, which involves an assessment of the resources and activities used to deliver an organization’s legislated mandate.

PBO’s activities are focused exclusively on the requirements of its enabling legislation.  There are no extraneous activities. 

PBO delivers on a mandate that is as broad as or broader than comparable offices in other countries, and does so with fewer resources than its peers.  PBO uses its resources efficiently to deliver on its mandate largely by leveraging technology-based information, communication and publishing strategy.

Savings are possible but can only be obtained by changing the enabling legislation.

Legislative change is strictly within the purview of Parliament- PBO is not able to make any recommendation in this regard.