The OPBO at a Glance

Position Created: December 2006

Parliamentary Budget Officer : Yves Giroux (appointed September 4, 2018)

Budget: $2.8 million for FY 2017-18

Staff: 34 employees

Purpose: The PBO’s purpose is to support Parliament by providing analysis, including analysis of macroeconomic and fiscal policy, for the purposes of raising the quality of parliamentary debate and promoting greater budget transparency and accountability.

Mandate: The PBO’s mandate is to provide independent and non-partisan analysis to Parliament on the budget, the estimates and other documents, as well as matters of particular significance relating to the nation’s finances or economy listed in the PBO’s annual work plan; and at the request of a committee or a parliamentarian, to estimate the financial cost of any proposal that relates to matters over which Parliament has jurisdiction. Certain committees can also request analyses of the nation’s finances or economy or the estimates.

Position Name GEDS Email
Parliamentary Budget Officer
Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux 613-992-8026
PBO Staff
Economic Analyst Nasreddine Ammar 613-617-7519

Economic Advisor-Analyst

Philip Bagnoli 613-286-2687
Office Manager Nancy Beauchamp 613-992-8026
Financial Analyst Robert Behrend 613-294-2790
Financial Analyst Étienne Bergeron 613-292-7472
Financial Advisor-Analyst

Govindadeva Bernier

Economic Analyst Eskandar Elmarzougui 613-797-5698
Administrative assistant and receptionist

Carol Faucher

Research Assistant

Tessa Devakos

Economic Analyst Kristina Grinshpoon 613-794-1635
Senior Director, Costing and Budgetary Analysis Jason Jacques 613-853-1596
Economic Analyst Raphaël Liberge-Simard 613-296-0116
Financial Analyst Sarah MacPhee 613-294-2873
Director of Policy (Costing) & General Counsel Mark Mahabir 613-301-6708
Financial Advisor-Analyst Carleigh Malanik-Busby 613-853-8763
Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Acting Director of Parliamentary Relations, Outreach and Planning Sloane Mask 613-992-8044
Senior Director, Economic and Fiscal Analysis Chris Matier 613-992-8004
Financial Analyst Nora Nahornick 613-294-1763
Economic Analysist Caroline Nicol 613-295-1626
Financial Analyst Christopher Penney 613-294-2756
Coordinator, Administrative Services Nathalie Potvin-Buckler 613-298-0095
Economic Advisor-Analyst Tim Scholz 613-219-1109
Administrative Assistant Jocelyne Scrim 613-943-1333
Economic Analyst Tiberiu Scutaru 613-294-2159
Financial Analyst Ben Segel-Brown 613-996-0787

Director, Fiscal analysis Trevor Shaw 613-617-5709
Special Advisor Binyam Solomon 613-218-5339
Financial Analyst Diarra Sourang 613-295-2257
Research Assistant Varun Srivatsan 613-295-0219
Financial Analyst Jason Stanton 613-790-1457
Manager, Human Resources Services Julie Sullivan 613-301-5191
Web Publishing and Quality Assurance Officer Rémy Vanherweghem 613-291-5423
Human Resources Analyst for Staffing and Classification Ryan Watson 613-698-6568
Research Assistant Nigel Wodrich 613-296-0174
Economic Analyst Aidan Worswick 613-795-1651
Director, Budgetary analysis Xiaoyi Yan 613-992-8026