Step 1: Taxable Income

Step 2: Federal Taxes

Step 3: Estimated change in taxes and income resulting from Budget 2016

Change in Disposible Income Change in Total Income Change in Payable Federal Taxes

Step 4: Which measures affect your household?

  • Personal Tax Rate

  • Repeal of Family Tax Cut

  • Children's Fitness Tax Credit

  • Children's Arts Credit

  • Universal Child Care Benefit

  • New Canada Child Care Benefit

  • Charitable Donation Tax Credit

  • Canada Student Grant

  • Northern Residents Deductions

  • Educator School Supply Tax Credit

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement top-up Benefit

* To calculate children's benefits, PBO has used a factor of 0.97838 to estimate the adjusted net Family Income. Actual children's benefits will differ, depending on the actual adjusted Family Net Income.