Archive: February, 2022

Supplementary Estimates (C) 2021-22

This report presents a detailed analysis of the Government’s third Supplementary Estimates for the 2021-22 fiscal year, which seeks Parliament’s approval of $13.2 billion.

House Price Assessment: A Borrowing Capacity Perspective

This report provides an assessment of house prices relative to a household’s capacity to borrow and pay for the purchase of a house in selected Canadian cities.

Cost Estimate of the Federal National Child Care Plan

This report provides an estimated cost of the provincial and territorial aspects of the federal national child care plan announced in Budget 2021.

Additional information – Bill C-83 and the Cost of Structured Intervention Units

On November 24, 2021, the PBO published a report on Bill C-83 and the cost of implementing structured intervention units in federal correctional institutions.

Following the report’s publication, the PBO was asked for additional information regarding: the amount spent and allocated for full body scanners, a break down of where health funding has been spent, and the per-inmate cost of operating structured intervention units in a women’s institution compared to a men’s correctional institution.