Archive: November, 2021

Expanded Fiscal Analysis of Federal Pay Equity

During the 43rd Parliament, Ms. Jag Sahota, M.P. (Calgary Skyview), Ms Nelly Shin, M.P. (Port Moody - Coquitlam) and The Honourable Alice Wong, M.P. (Richmond Centre) requested the PBO provide an update to his report Fiscal Analysis of Federal Pay Equity, particularly in reference to regulations related to the Pay Equity Act posted in the Canada Gazette.

Assessing the Insurance Properties of the Fiscal Stabilization Program

This report assesses the insurance properties of the Fiscal Stabilization Program, its recent changes and proposed modifications.

Bill C-83 and the Cost of Structured Intervention Units

This report provides an updated estimate on Bill C-83 and the cost of implementing structured intervention units in federal correctional institutions. This report was prepared at the request of Senator Kim Pate.