Archive: June, 2021

Fiscal Sustainability Report 2021

This report provides PBO’s assessment of the sustainability of government finances over the long term for the federal government, subnational governments and public pension plans.

Cost Estimate of the Firearm Buy-Back Program

In response to a request by Member of Parliament Glen Motz (Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner), this report estimates, under various scenarios, the cost of firearm compensation as part of the Government’s firearm buy-back program.

Beyond Paris: Reducing Canada’s GHG Emissions by 2030

This report assesses the impacts of the Government’s plan to exceed the 2030 reduction target for Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement.

Supplementary Estimates (A) 2021-22

This note presents a detailed analysis of the Government’s first Supplementary Estimates for the 2021-22 fiscal year, which seeks Parliament’s approval of $24.0 billion.