Archive: January, 2021

Analysis of Federal Debt: 2020-21

The objective of this blog post is to illustrate the increased sensitivity of public debt charges to interest rate shocks and summarize the status of the Government’s plan to borrow at longer maturities.

The Outlook for the EI Operating Account

This blog post highlights the implicit assumptions used in FES 2020 and approximates a 7-year outlook for the EI Operating Account.

Supplementary information on the costing of indexing the maximum per capita payment under the Fiscal Stabilization Program

This blog post provides supplementary information on the qualifying provinces and their respective payments underlying PBO’s 20 January 2021 costing of the Fiscal Stabilization Program (FSP).

Costing Fall Economic Statement 2020 Measures

The federal government’s Fall Economic Statement 2020 (FES 2020) was released on November 30, 2020.  It includes numerous new and extended spending measures and programs.

Consistent with the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO)’s mandate to provide independent, non-partisan analysis to Parliament, the PBO has prepared cost estimates of selected measures contained in the federal government’s FES 2020.