Archive: March, 2020

Scenario Analysis: COVID-19 Pandemic and Oil Price Shocks

This report provides a scenario analysis to help parliamentarians gauge potential economic and fiscal implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent oil market developments. This report incorporates data available up to and including 23 March 2020. Unless otherwise specified, all rates are reported at annual rates.

PBO’s estimate of federal fiscal room in Fiscal Sustainability Report 2020

PBO’s estimate of federal fiscal room in Fiscal Sustainability Report 2020.

Estimate of the Impacts of the February 2020 Rail Disruption

This note provides PBO’s estimate of the economic and financial impacts of the February 2020 disruption of rail transportation due to blockades of rail lines and other protests. The estimate includes both the direct and indirect impacts from rail transportation, transportation support activities (port disruptions) and urban transit system industries, as well as macroeconomic feedback.

The Government’s Expenditure Plan and Main Estimates for 2020-21

This note examines the federal government’s Expenditure Plan and Main Estimates for 2020-21, which supports the first two appropriation bills that will seek Parliament’s approval of $125.1 billion.

Surtaxes on Steel, Aluminum, and Other Goods: Issues for Parliamentarians

To assist parliamentarians in their role to scrutinize the raising and spending of public monies, this report provides an overview of the revenues and spending measures associated with the Government of Canada’s surtaxes on steel, aluminum, and other goods.