Archive: February, 2019

Fiscal Analysis of the Interim F-18 Aircraft

This report presents a fiscal analysis of the Government of Canada’s purchase of 18 used F-18 aircraft from Australia.

The cost differential between three regimes of Veterans Benefits - Update: Get the code

The Government of Canada has had three different regimes for veterans benefits since 2006:  the Pension Act (up to 2006); the Veterans Well-being Act (from 2006 to 2019); and, Pension for Life (which takes effect on April 1, 2019).

Several parliamentarians requested that the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) prepare an estimate of the fiscal cost of each of these regimes over the medium term.

Canada’s purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline – Financial and Economic Considerations - Update

This report provides financial and economic analysis relating to the Government of Canada’s purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Expansion Project and related assets.

Economic and Fiscal Monitor - February 2019

This report provides an in-year estimate of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 and the Government of Canada’s budgetary balance in 2018 19, based on data released since our October 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook, up to and including 8 February 2019.

Supplementary Estimates (B) 2018-19

This note presents a detailed analysis of the Government’s second supplementary estimates for the 2018-19 fiscal year, which seeks Parliament’s approval of $2.5 billion.

Labour Market Assessment 2018: Wage inequality – Update

This note updates selected results from our assessment published in October 2018, incorporating recently released data for the fourth quarter of 2018.