Archive: November, 2017

Analysis of Changes to the Taxation of Corporate Passive Investment Income

On July 18, 2017, the Minister of Finance announced consultations on tax planning strategies involving the use of private corporations.  This report analyzes potential changes to the taxation of corporate passive investment income, one of the policy proposals put forth as part of the consultations. 

Federal Support for Low Income Individuals and Families

Approximately 3.2 million to 5.0 million Canadians have low income.

In 2016, the Government committed to developing a poverty reduction strategy.  To support parliamentarians in their deliberations regarding this strategy, the Parliamentary Budget Officer initiated a census of all existing federal support and services to low income Canadians and vulnerable groups.

Overall, we identified 75 federal initiatives that provide roughly $57 billion of financial support or services to people with low income and other vulnerable groups in 2017-18—55 programs with expenditures of $39.3 billion and 20 tax expenditures that provided $17.5 billion.

Fall Economic Statement 2017: Issues for Parliamentarians

This report identifies key issues arising from the Government’s Fall Economic Statement.

FSR 2017 – Provincial-Territorial Health Care Cost Drivers

The following presents a decomposition of cost drivers for growth in provincial-territorial health care spending.

FINA - Follow-up analysis on "Economic and Fiscal Outlook - October 2017

Follow-up analysis and statement to FINA following 31 October 2017 presentation of PBO report "Economic and Fiscal Outlook - October 2017"  

HESA - Follow-up analysis to "Federal Cost of a National Pharmacare Program"

Follow-up analysis to the costing analysis of "Federal Cost of a National Pharmacare Program".

Supplementary Estimates (B) 2017-18

This note presents a detailed analysis of the Government’s second supplementary estimates for the 2017-18 fiscal year.