Supplementary Estimates (A) 2017-18

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The Supplementary Estimates (A), 2017-18 requests Parliament’s approval to spend an additional $3.7 billion.  Statutory spending is forecast to be $62 million (0.04%) higher than outlined in the Main Estimates 2017-18.

The PBO identified significant spending proposals within each of the Government’s four policy categories, as follows:

  • Government Affairs: $625 million for costs associated with the ratification of collective agreements;
  • Social Affairs: $447 million for First Nation specific claims settlements, and $185 million to support the Government’s 2017 Immigration Levels Plan;
  • Economic Affairs: $400 million for early learning and child care transfer payments to provinces and territories; and
  • International Affairs: $18 million for efforts to boost foreign direct investment in Canada; and

The PBO tracked the inclusion of Budget 2017 spending measures in Supplementary Estimates (A), 2017-18 and found that 19 Budget 2017 measures received funding, for a total of $1.0 billion.  However, this funding only accounts for 20% of the budget’s 94 spending measures, and 44% of the additional spending allocated in Budget 2017 for 2017-18.

The Government has proposed improving the alignment of the budget and the main estimates by delaying the main estimates until May 1 and revising internal processes.  Given the limited number of Budget 2017 measures that are included in these supplementary estimates, this proposal may not result in meaningful improvement in the alignment of the budget and the main estimates.

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