Supplementary Estimates (B) 2017-18

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The Supplementary Estimates (B) 2017-18 outlines $4.9 billion in additional spending. The estimates request $4.5 billion in “voted” authorities and identifies an additional $0.4 billion in “statutory” authorities.

The PBO identified significant spending proposals within each of the Government’s four policy categories, as follows:

Government Affairs:  $654 million allocated to Treasury Board Secretariat`s Spending Oversight program to finance departments and agencies recently ratified collective agreements.

International Affairs:  $265 million set for Global Affairs Canada`s International Humanitarian Assistance program.

Social Affairs:  $1 billion associated with National Defence`s Defence Capability Element Production program, which covers personnel pay increases ($333 million) and capital projects ($336 million).

Economic Affairs:  $481 million to support Finance Canada`s Transfer and Taxation Payments program and a $300 million payment to provincial governments for Home Care and Mental Health Services.

PBO identified 42 Budget 2017 measures that received funding in Supplementary Estimates (B), 2017-18, for a total of $1.0 billion.  So far, the PBO has identified 58 Budget 2017 measures ($2.0 billion) in its supplementary estimates.  This means that there remain about one-third of Budget 2017 measures to be brought forward in subsequent estimates.

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