Supplementary Estimates (B) 2021-22

Published: December 7, 2021


This note presents a detailed analysis of the Government’s second Supplementary Estimates for the 2021-22 fiscal year, which seeks Parliament’s approval of $8.7 billion.


  • The Government’s forecasts for the Canada Recovery Benefits are increasing by $3.8 billion, for a total of $18.0 billion in 2021-22 (74.3 per cent higher than the initial projections).

  • $4.1 billion in budgetary authorities are tagged to Budget 2021 measures, including $725 million to support infrastructure in Indigenous communities.

  • Proposed year-to-date budgetary authorities for the Indigenous portfolio now total $27.9 billion (a 92.7 per cent increase over Indigenous-related budgetary expenditures in 2017-18).

  • Personnel spending accounts for approximately $2.5 billion in budgetary authorities (or 18.9 per cent).

  • Close to $900 million in proposed spending relates to the resolution of contingent liabilities previously identified by the Government.