Canada’s New Infrastructure Plan: 1st Report to Parliament – Following the Money

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This report analyzes the Government’s New Infrastructure Plan (NIP) announced through the 2016 Federal Budget and its 2016 Fall Economic Statement.  This analysis is designed to assist parliamentarians in understanding program outcomes and potential risks to those outcomes.

The Government plans to allocate $186.7 billion in funding for the NIP over the next 10 years.  Of this total, $82.8 billion is new, incremental funding. 

The program is being rolled out in two phases.  Phase 1, at $13.6 billion for the first two years, aims at providing some economic stimulus.  The outer-years expenditure is to improve Canada’s long-term economic productivity. 

The Government has provided no performance measurement framework with which to evaluate the NIP’s performance, and only limited visibility on tracking how the money is being spent.