Growth in federal personnel spending due to increases in compensation, not hiring: PBO

September 10, 2020, OTTAWA -- The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) today launched a new interactive online tool for analyzing federal government personnel expenditures, releasing his key findings in complementary report.

Personnel expenses represent approximately 60% of the federal government's operating costs.
Two key cost drivers of federal spending are the number of personnel employed and the growth in pay per employee. "Pay increases have been uniform across most departments, but growth in staffing has varied greatly between departments," says Yves Giroux, PBO.
The new web-based tool is designed to help support research on topics associated with federal personnel costs, allowing Canadians to explore overall government spending on personnel or focus on single departments.

The complementary report, Personnel Expenditure Analysis Tool: Key Insights summarizes a few of the key insights gained through the tool.

The tool can be found by visiting our website.