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Title Date Category
PBO's Approach to Measuring Potential GDP 22 August 2018 Economy
Status Report on Phase 1 of the Investing in Canada Plan 22 August 2018 Costing
Extended April 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook 18 July 2018 None
Taxation of employer-provided health-benefits - Revised June 1, 2018 24 May 2018 Costing
The Impact of a Pan-Canadian Carbon Pricing Levy on PBO’s GDP Projection 22 May 2018 Costing
Cost Estimate for Bill C-394: An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (parenting tax credit) 10 May 2018 Costing
The Government’s Expenditure Plan and Main Estimates 2018-19 1 May 2018 Estimates
Patent restoration and the cost of pharmaceuticals 26 April 2018 None
The Borrowing Authority Act and Measures of Federal Debt 23 April 2018 National Finance
Economic and Fiscal Outlook – April 2018 23 April 2018 National Finance
Costing Budget 2018 Measures 23 April 2018 Costing
Costing a National Guaranteed Basic Income Using the Ontario Basic Income Model 17 April 2018 Costing
Status Report on Phase 1 of the New Infrastructure Plan 29 March 2018 Economy
Update on Costs of Incarceration 22 March 2018 Costing
Federal Financial Support to Provinces and Territories: A long-term Scenario Analysis 20 March 2018 National Finance
Federal Personnel Spending: Past and future trends 20 March 2018 National Finance
Budget 2018: Issues for Parliamentarians 15 March 2018 Estimates
Income Sprinkling Using Private Corporations 8 March 2018 Costing
Supplementary Estimates (C )2017-18 26 February 2018 Estimates
Cost Estimate for Bill C-364: An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and to make a consequential amendment to another Act (political financing) 30 January 2018 Costing
Economic and Fiscal Monitor - January 2018 23 January 2018 None
PBO and Finance Canada Long-term Projection Comparison 23 January 2018 None
“Bill C-342 - Cost of carbon pricing deduction from GST” 12 December 2017 Costing
Budget Sufficiency for First Nations Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 7 December 2017 Costing
Bill S-3: Addressing sex based inequities in Indian registration 5 December 2017 Costing

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